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Women are more cautious about wearables

April 28, 2014


It is only a matter of time before we will be walking around wearing computing devices on, with or, even possibly, in us. Inventions that once starred in science fiction movies are slowly sneaking into common usage and majority is ready to embrace them. However, the introduction of Google glasses or smart watches has reminded us of a possible clash with our social norms. Are women more aware of customary rules that govern our behaviour, or are we just more cautious by nature?

The new Pew Research survey demonstrated just how Americans feel about the future of technology. Two out of three respondents say they are optimistic that future technological changes will bring them a better life. Optimistic feelings about positive impact of inventions on society are more or less evenly shared between women and men, with one topic standing out.

Implantable computing devices seem to be bothering women much more than men. Nearly half of male respondents in Pew survey feel that such wearables would be a change for the better, whereas women overwhelmingly say that their widespread use would bring something negative. It seems we are all looking forward to the future of technology, yet women feel there is only so much objectification one can take.


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