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Forget diamonds, graphene is the new dazzler

April 22, 2014


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Or are they? Restructure the carbon atoms differently and you get stronger, thinner and lighter material than anything else.

The new dazzler is called graphene, high tech matter that is transparent, flexible and conductive at the same time. Its properties are offering endless possibilities for future technologies. Laboratories of the University of Manchester, Barkley’s and Samsung are all frantically working on how to commercially produce this wonder material that might soon change the electronics industry. It conducts electricity and heat better than anything else and can work in high humidity, which would come in handy in water submersible electronics or even wearable implants.

How quickly electronic industry is going to break from silicon dependence, remains to be seen. Some say it may take years for graphene to be accepted, so it may find its way to other industries first. For instance, Bill and Melinda Gates are already investing in the development of a graphene based condom that should be virtually indestructible and only one atom thick.


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