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Google glasses, from geek to glamour

March 26, 2014


Wearables are having an identity crisis. Gadgets designed to be worn as accessories, are lacking fashion allure. Now Google is trying to change that with a help of the world largest eye wear manufacturer.

Milan based Luxottica has become a powerful partner in an attempt to transform the image of Google glasses. The company owning Ray-Ban and selling big names, like D&G or Chanel, is now going to add glamour to the item which has been so far perceived as a weird conversation starter. Luxottica, an eyewear giant with rich history in design and manufacturing, will include the Google glasses in 2015 collection.

Can Google with a new partner in its glass unit convince people to wear computers and turn around the perception of smart accessories from electronic gadgets to desirable fashion items? The first step is clear, Google glasses are from now on available in stores packed with luxury eyewear, not cables and memory cards.


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