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Emotional social networks

March 17, 2014

smiley window

Spreading emotions through face-to-face communication has been well established. How about distributing happiness or sadness over social media? New study has confirmed that emotions can indeed spread through networks, but the outcome came with a twist.

Researchers were analyzing emotional content of billions of updates posted on Facebook. They scrutinized gloomy posts from people on rainy days. What they found is, for every person directly affected by rain, there was one or two of their friends also feeling blue, despite sunshine outside their window. There is however, the bright side to this phenomenon – happy posts seem to have bigger reach than sad ones.

As emotions ripple through social networks generating extensive synchrony, the rise of happy and unhappy clusters of individuals may be observed. Does that mean the spikes in global emotion can generate increased volatility in political system and financial markets? Or emotional synergy is restrained to viral videos of cute toddlers and puppies?

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