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The Chanel Shopping Center

March 6, 2014


In a surprisingly bold move Chanel put its latest show to a supermarket. The Chanel Shopping Center, together with aisles stacked with everyday products, has been created for the Paris Fashion Week. Everything was selling under the sign of the famous double C.

Models carrying shopping baskets were browsing the shelves and picking up things that were carefully renamed for the occasion. Sac poubelle (a garbage bag) for instance, was turned into sac plus belle (the most beautiful bag) and the entire setting at the Grand Palais was extremely detailed, together with fresh produce and even the Chanel chainsaw.

The company says they are trying to alter the perception of luxury. Instead of pretentious stiffness, consumers should see it as something fitting into the mundane ambient. After the show Karl Lagerfeld explained If you are lucky enough that you can buy those things, buy them but don’t wear them to show people how rich you are. This is yet another attempt of bringing high fashion to the masses, the question is, would meticulously elegant Coco Chanel agree?


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