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Going silver against smelly sportswear

February 26, 2014


Nanotechnology has opened door for the new generation of materials. Tiny spots, thousand times smaller than a human hair already help to boost performance in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Now nanoparticles are going silver to fight odour on our sportswear.

Since ancient times antibacterial properties of silver have been well known. Hospitals are still using this precious metal, not only to kill nasty microbes, but also to wipe out dangerous superbugs resistant to traditional antibiotics. Provided that humans can safely tolerate fairly high doses of silver, treating textile with its nanoparticles seems like a splendid idea. Such high-tech garments get rid of bacteria that cause smell and prevent fungus to grow. Manufacturers even claim it is good for the environment, because silver treated underwear, running gear and socks would need less washing, at lower temperatures.

On the other hand, some have second thoughts about widespread use of silver. When treated textile comes in contact with sweat, it may release those nanoparticles for our skin to absorb. Consequently, people wearing such garments might be exposed to higher doses with largely unknown health effects. The time, however will show whether silver nanoparticles will fight odour alone or good bacteria in our bodies as well.


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