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Photo to get a date

February 12, 2014


With St. Valentines only a few days away, some singles are flocking to dating sites. For those trying to find a last minute date for the most romantic evening of the year, science has some advice. Certain photos increase probability of attracting more dates, but same hints do not apply for women and men.

Analysis of online singles’ photos has recently discovered the rules to attract more suitors. The first one is, take a full body shot. People showing the whole figure, regardless of gender, get double the reply, than those without. What about selfies? Here however, gender plays an important role. Women posting a self portrait on the net receive more messages and men get less. Moreover, if photos are taken indoors, women increase their chance to attract partners by 60%, while men get 18% more admirers when their photos are taken outside. No matter how you choose to present yourself online, the most important advice for all is still, smile goes a long way.


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