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The silent sellers

January 29, 2014


The trend of more realistic female body is slowly sneaking into our eyes. Now the stores are at the forefront of the new shift. After decades of skinny torsos, retailers are increasingly starting to play with the reality. Faceless mannequins with svelte, pail bodies are being replaced by more realistic versions with fuller waists and back fat.

Manufacturers scanned thousands of female bodies to find out what the average woman looks like and came out with the new mannequin. She has flatter breasts, rounder hips and imperfections like bulges on the belly and back. The boldest companies went as far as to experiment with saggy breasts nipples and pubic hair.

Marketers asked people what is influencing their purchase choices. Nearly half of the respondents put mannequins on third place, right after friends and family. No wonder why retailers are willing to pay five times more to present their clothes on the more realistic silent sellers.


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