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How to nurture a relationship?

January 17, 2014


Loving relationship is difficult to define, let alone understand. After asking some 5.000 individuals about their relationships, researchers from the Open University came to some surprising results.

In general, homosexual couples seem to live happier life and have more positive attitude toward their relationships. In the heterosexual group, the study show, couples with children get along worse than those without, complaining to have the least time for each other. This however, does not mean children are bad for relationships, since mothers report to have the happiest life, better than any other group.

Set aside how couples perceive their relationships, the study tried to unveil also what is appreciated among partners most. Do grand romantic gestures really make our partners happy? Not at all, saying thank you and noticing partner’s achievement were at the top of the list, followed by showing kind gestures, listening, not just talking and sharing the household chores. Last but not least, to nurture a relationship well, physical affection, with lots of cuddles and an occasional foot massage will certainly do the trick.


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