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Is there a car for women?

January 14, 2014


Eight out of ten car purchases are now being influenced by women. After the crisis sales of cars dropped significantly, so marketers are working hard to attract females. They know women are not charmed by engine ability, but what is their soft spot?

Ten years ago Volvo decided to take a fresh approach. They assigned a team of women engineers to build a car for women. The result featured auto-opening doors, easy-clean paint, run-flat tires, computerized parking assistance and other gender stereotypes. It was a failure, which never reached production line.

It seems we do not care for feminine amenities, yet still have different factors in mind when choosing a vehicle. Contrary to men that seek out cars based on exterior and reputation, our biggest concern is safety. Moreover, instead of driving performance or the aesthetics, we are lured by fuel efficiency and green credentials. Since economics is ruling car purchases these days, no wonder the male dominated automotive industry is undergoing a metamorphosis.


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