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More than a calendar

January 3, 2014

pirelli 14

A mundane marketing tool that should make the tyre brand stand out from its competitors, has taken on a photographic life of its own. Pirelli celebrates 50 years of its glamorous calendar with the publication of a non published 1986 issue, shot by Helmut Newton.

Over the last decades, there was more than just bareness appearing on the glossy paper, notorious for its limited availability. Pirelli was turning models into stars and stars into models. Moreover, it represents a unique view of how our society changed with time. From the first issue by female photographer in 1972, through featuring black models only, including a teenage Naomi Campbell in 1987, to A Homage to Women portraying supermodels Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Kate Moss in 1994.

It took three decades for Newton masterpieces, at that time too controversial, to finally be acceptable for public view. Pirelli calendar stands the test of time.


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