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Are blockbusters creating our style?

December 17, 2013


Blockbuster characters appearing on children clothes and accessories usually make parents roll their eyes. Going for those cheesy, yet cool items usually mean more money will go out of our pockets for copyrighted products. But should we look down at selling popular movie characters to youngsters?

This type of marketing has been successfully introduced to TV and film audience of grownups as well. The Great Gatsby on one and The Abby on the other side of the Atlantic have brought the roaring twenties to our lives. From decorative wallpapers and lamps, to jewellery and tea sets, all is trying to recreate the stylish charm of the period, when everything supposed to be simple and polite.

Fashion industry is trying to move forward and reintroduce the padded 80s, but bare shoulders, no waist sparkly dresses, just keep flapping on the dance floor. While patronisingly treating Monsters or Fairies, we apparently need to rethink how blockbusters impact consumers’ choices?


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  1. It def does, but cool trends come out of it!


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