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The Christmas lying

November 29, 2013


The time for family and love is just about to start. Over the next four weeks, shoppers will be rushing from one purchase to the other, trying to find the perfect gift, to put smile on the face of their bellowed. Not all will feel the joys of holiday season under the Christmas tree.

A recent study suggests the feelings of gratitude for having our family around are often overshadowed by anxiety we feel for lying or covering up how much we spend at holiday shopping. No matter whether married, same-sex or divorced, the honesty among couples shrinks as the holiday spirit increases. Researchers found nearly half of spouses are lying about sums spend, some even retreat to cash to cover up those large purchases. No one wants to quarrel about money during Christmas or feel inadequate as the gifts are insufficiently generous.

But what happens when the holiday spending spree ends? According to research, most of people keep gifts even when they feel guilty about the price, simply live with the results and return to normal, till the next Christmas.


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