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Mary, little Lamb and Thanksgiving

November 26, 2013


What Mary, her lamb, Abraham Lincoln and Thanksgiving have in common? The answer is one remarkable lady, Sarah Josepha Hale.

Sarah Josepha Hale, best known for writing a famous nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb, was born and raised in Newport. As a girl she could not attend school and was educated by her brother, a Dartmouth college student. Later she became one of the first American female writers, campaigning for different causes. Sarah was very fond of Thanksgiving, however the autumn holiday of gratitude was still fairly unknown in the South. She was determined to change that. For almost two decades, Sarah relentlessly advocated for nationalizing the holiday. During American civil war, she finally convinced President Abraham Lincoln to proclaim it as a national holiday.

For exactly 150 years now, Thanksgiving is celebrated with a Turkey feast on the last Thursday in November. A decade later, Mary had a little lamb was immortalised as well, it is the very first thing Thomas Edison recorded on his newly invented phonograph.

Giving thanks to Sarah, Happy Thanksgiving!

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