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Mujer Real is becoming mainstream

October 31, 2013

tara lynn

After being two times on the cover of Elle France, Tara Lynn is now gracing Elle Spain. Her appearance is no coincidence, since Spaniards were the first to ban overly thin models from the catwalks and are clearly trying to return hourglass figure in fashion.

Three years ago, on her first cover, Tara was introduced as the leading plus-size model, as someone who has, despite her pounds, freakish ability to, gasp, look at pictures of herself without cringing in horror. Her comfort with her body was seen as odd, even peculiar. The next time on Elle, she earned the title The Body, the term originally coined for the curvaceous figure of supermodel Elle MacPherson.

This time however, Tara Lynn is Mujer Real, The Real Woman. On seven page editorial, she is presenting fall 2013 essentials, posing in a little black dress or sitting on a chair in a fitted trench coat wearing stilettos. Once stigmatized as an oversized model, she is now just a model. Is Mujer Real slowly becoming mainstream?


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