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Is sleep nothing but a good brainwashing?

October 18, 2013


The purpose of sleep has been captivating philosophers and scientists since the ancient times. Now the answer may be unveiled and to our disappointment, it is not as romantic as we may have assumed. According to the latest findings sleep is primarily used to wash away the waste amassed in brain during the day.

After last year’s discovery of a unique network of pipes used exclusively in the brain, the researchers from the University of Rochester were puzzled, what they were there for. When they found out the glymphatic system becomes frenetically busy when we are sleeping and the water gushes through, they speculated the pipes might be washing waste materials and toxins out of the brain. The theory proved right. The scientist could even observe brain cells shrinking, so more fluid could pass for thorough cleaning. Next time you will find someone trying to wash your brain do not forget, we are doing it every night.


From → Zeitgeist

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