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Girls and the internet

October 8, 2013


We see young people glued to their smartphones all the time. Globally, however the reality is different. Less than one third of youngsters are digital natives. Divide between rich and poor is the first thing that comes into our mind, but that is not always the case. Why youth in some less developed countries is using internet even more, than their peers in the West?

As expected, the researches of Georgia Institute of Technology and the International Telecommunication Union found the highest percent of active internet users in the developed countries, with 99.6% South Korea leading the way. What took them by surprise is for example Malaysia, where 75% of young people are digitally native. That is in line with many wealthiest countries.

In the era of internet, demographics play an important role, but one reason for the strong digital performance seems to be also education of girls. Countries, regardless of economic development which are promoting education for girls, fare better than those that discourage females from pursuing education.


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