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Designed to work

September 13, 2013


It all started at the turn of the century, when a dressmaker Thomas Burberry took his design to the War Office. With a promise to keep army officers dry and warm, the timing could not be better. In a couple of years the Great War was looming over Europe and the coats delivered his promise.

Gabardine, the inventive method of weaving wool or cotton, made them waterproof. Soldiers loved them so much they carried on wearing their coats even after leaving the trenches. It was a fabric of choice also for daredevils at the time. Famous explorers to the poles as well as open cockpit pilots all trusted Burberry to keep them warm. The women started wearing them as sportswear, but movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo made them a fashion item.

Trench coat was one of the very first masculine looks adopted by women. No wonder, Burberry soon introduced female versions, with slimmer and simpler design. Their latest release includes one made in glossy calfskin bonded with neoprene. Trench coat has stood the test of time, probably because it was not designed as a fashion piece in a seasonal way, it was designed to work.


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