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Dina’s fairytales

August 16, 2013


Dina Goldstein, the rising star of internet photography was born in Israel. As she recalls, during her childhood she was not exposed to princess fairy tales. So, when her daughter went through her princess phase in Vancouver, where she lives now, Dina started questioning the happily ever after concept.

Her most publicised project Fallen Princesses portrays characters from popular children books meeting real life. The series depicts Cinderella with drinking problem, Little Red Riding Hood struggling with obesity or Pocahontas living alone with too many cats. Dina’s new series In the doll house, where she shows the dark side of Barbie and Ken’s marriage, will probably create a stir again.

Accused of being a kill joy, Dana insists she is not against fairy-tales, however she believes children need guidance from their parents and a little dose of reality.


From → Zeitgeist

  1. Dina has courage. Yes, some of these pieces of art can be too hard to bear for children. What i would do, I would make a series of one theme, and gradually having the princess going through the ups and downs of life. Anyway, life is tough, but we move on.


    • Thank you for subscribing. I think some girls may have troubles watching their angels fall and agree few pieces may be quite unpleasant, even for adult eyes, however as you put it, life is tough and we move on.


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