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Family bullying

June 13, 2013


Overweight people are often a laughing stock, but the consequences are not a joke. American scientists have discovered gaining weight is linked to personality, thus fighting with calories change psychological functioning.

The researchers from the National Institute of Health found out that 10% weight gain increases deliberation, which normally becomes more apparent as a person progresses into adulthood. The increase was almost twice as high for those who gained pounds.

Weight is a highly emotional issue in our society. Surprisingly, it gets even more emotional within the family. A Yale study suggests weight is the number one reason people get bullied for at any age. Not only that, it came as a shock when researchers discovered judgmental and derogatory feedback mostly come from the loved ones. When overweight women were asked who stigmatized them the most, 72% said it was someone in their family.


From → Zeitgeist

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