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Single mother to fell off the Forbes

May 30, 2013


There are many trying to get to the Forbes richest list, however there is only one to fell off because of giving so much money to the charity. Maybe her life as a single mother, once struggling to make ends meet, thought her to do so. J.K. Rowling is philanthropic best selling contemporary author, with 400 million copies sold worldwide.

Joanne “Jo” Rowling started writing stories at the early age of 5 and she never stopped. Even after losing her job, she would still go to her local cafe and scribble down ideas. But her most famous character was born on a train from London to Manchester. When the train was delayed for hours, Joanne became excited about the idea of a wizard boy, who was not aware of his gift. Four years later the first Harry Potter book was finished, but it took her additional year to find a company, that agreed to publish her book. In the process she even changed her name to J.K Rowling. It was suggested young boys may not be interested in reading books written by a woman. Few weeks later Harry Potter stated to sell off, resulting in seven titles in the series and with a worldwide fan base.

J.K. Rowling admits: “I will forever be known as the writer of Harry Potter and I am completely fine with that. Harry has given me more than I could ever dream of and I am very grateful to him”. After asked what she thinks about the media attention she adds: “If I could have any power, I would have the power of invisibility. And this is a little bit sad, but I would probably sneak off to the cafe and write all day.” J.K. Rowling is today the most recognised children’s author. Her work has brought youth back to reading books and that is a power all writers wish for.


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