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How much water is enough?

April 8, 2013


Long awaited spring is nearly here. With warmer days and less clothes on, we will be soon trying to shed those extra pounds we accumulated during feasting season. While getting back in shape it is important to restore lost water, the question is, how much is enough?

Exercise makes us sweat, regardless of the surrounding temperature. Breathing alone expels three quarters of a litre per day, while physical activity may result in the loos of another 2.5 litres. During the course of the day we easily forget to restore lost water, so grab a glass when feeling headache or having dry mouth, which are both early signs of dehydration. So, how much water is enough?

According to physicians, we should drink a large glass of water (3 dcl) for every 10 kilograms of body weight. For example, if you weigh 65kg (140 pounds) and tend to keep still, 9 glasses (2 litres) a day should do. On the other hand, active people with the same weight would need at least 13 glasses (3 litres). Do not forget to count your glasses while sticking to New Year’s resolutions.


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