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Higher costs for women

April 2, 2013


Income difference between genders is well documented. What about the costs? Take for instance razors. Wilkinson Sword charges women 30% more than men. Some might say the products for women are more expensive to manufacture, but the list of nearly similar items goes on and on.

Look at the famous 501 jeans. As a man you would pay a quarter less, although jeans for men need more fabric to be made. Garments in women’s sections are usually more expensive that the ones in male’s, with no apparent reason. If you take into account also the frequency of buying clothes, you end up with substantially higher costs of living. But not only fashion items dig deeper into female’s pockets. Consider health and beauty products; for feminine care alone, a woman needs at least £260 (308€) a year. That is a fortune compared to £140 (166€) spent on cosmetics on average. All in all, maybe juggling with funds makes women so resourceful.


From → Hic Salta

  1. Rob permalink

    Any product is only worth what you’re prepared to pay for it. That’s a fundamental rule of economics. If you’re prepared to pay more, it will cost you more, presumably because you want it more. The corollary is obvious.


    • Thank you Rob, that is true, in theory. However, when you consider imperfection of markets in general and monopolies in particular, btw female hygiene products are notorious for being monopolised, the freedom of paying the right price is not so obvious any more.


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