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The red fall

March 19, 2013

red dg

Red is standing out on the catwalks for the coming fall. It is the colour of courage and intense emotions, but also of blood and lust. People dressed in red appear closer to us than those wearing other colours, this fact was commonly used in history by painters, monarchs and high clergy.

Red evokes physical response in spectators, increasing their respiration rate and raising blood pressure, which are the signs of sexual arousal as well as anger. Red also stimulates appetite, therefore it is the colour of choice of restaurateurs and beverage industry.

Primates, including humans, can clearly distinguish the full range of reds, whereas other mammals cannot. The sensitivity to red enabled us to find the ripe edible fruit, but also to take full advantage of sensing the emergence of red faces. Healthy lips are red, as well as cheeks and it may not be coincidence that, besides black and white, the Neolithic paintings were made using only red pigments.

We may paint the town red or be in the red this autumn, but whatever happens, the red can help you increase confidence to go after your dreams or to protect you from fears and anxieties.


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  1. …not to mention it makes you feel immediately glamorous!!


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