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Dita in 3D

March 10, 2013


In burlesque times, Dita von Teese wants to imitate, the gowns were cut and sewn together by seamstresses, whereas her latest piece was made by architects and computer specialists.

The dress, put on display this week, was designed with the help of mathematics. The sketches were first rendered in the specialised software and processed to guide laser in a 3D printer. In total, 17 sections and 3,000 joints were printed from plastic powder. All pieces of the jigsaw were then hand-linked together into this final shape. The end product was polished, lacquered black and put over a nude silk corset.

The dress design, based on the golden ratio theory of beauty, took the whole team three months to finish. Dita von Teese’s 3D masterpiece will now be on display in several museums. Nylon, the material that made fashion more affordable for women, came a long way from stockings to gown.


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