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New Lara Croft

March 5, 2013


Do you remember Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies? For seventeen years Lara has been teasing the imagination of gamers. However, her extreme curves were not as revolutionary as the fact Lara, the main character, was a woman. Moreover, she was not merely a damsel waiting for her prince to come and rescue her, but a brave, confident and full of gadgets heroine.

Today, the latest Tomb Raider game will be released, without the curves on Lara. Croft is returning to the gaming world with a different look and without guns. Her previously exaggerated curves are now toned down to almost normal proportions. Even her tight shorts are replaced by more comfortable trousers. With no experience in riding tombs or climbing, Lara is first unsure of herself, but later in the game evolves into a confident and brave woman.

As the sales dropped, developers put Tomb Raider to the test. Analysis showed in the old games, people were more focused on Lara’s chest and waist, while the new image makes them gaze into her eyes. After curvaceous, hard females, the time has obviously come for more normal looking, tender ones.

From → Zeitgeist

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