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Attractiveness of immunity

February 11, 2013


For the second year in a row, Super Bowl commercial put a young man in underwear on display. With mostly male audience, six-pack abs are obviously being sold to men as the most desirable look. Are women really drawn so much to chiselled physiques as advertisers would like us to believe? Science would disagree.

In a recent study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, they asked women in the fertile phase to rate the sexual attractiveness of men. Everyone believed; masculine guys have stronger immune systems and will therefore be the chosen ones. It took them by surprise, but women were not swooned by strong muscles, they preferred slimmer men, the ones with 12% body fat, to be exact. It turned out they were the ones, with the most robust immune systems.

Masculinity is not aligned with immunity and women know that. We are not going to be fooled by six-packs, but a nice pair of underwear will still go a long way on the Valentine’s Day.


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