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Female dummies

October 22, 2012

Sometimes the line between life and death can be drawn by gender. It is known females respond differently to medications, now the same was discovered in car safety.

A study by the University of Virginia recently revealed that seat belted female drivers had 47% higher chance of serious injuries than male in comparable collisions. For moderate injuries, the figure rose to astounding 71%. Sitting in a car as a female, puts you at greater risk of head, abdominal and pelvic injury. But why? To find the reason, scientists checked the safety procedures of car designers. When stumbled upon crash test dummies, they realised all were based on the average male size.

Scandinavian carmakers are known for introducing new safety features. Therefore, it is no surprise a Swedish developer Anna Carlsson is now designing a female crash test dummy. She has taken the standard crash test dummy, cut it to appropriate female size and carved out some interior to decrease its weight. The project is still in the prototype phase, but hopefully car safety performances will soon be tested for male and female users. Surely women would like to know as well, which car is safest for them to drive.

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