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Quest for beauty

August 28, 2012

Why some people appear more beautiful than others? Philosophers have long been trying to answer this question. Ancient Greeks were the first to stumble across the golden ratio, from then on perceived as the basis of aesthetic perfection. Many artists and architects are using it. Why is this ratio, expressed by the humble number 1.618 so intriguing?

From crystals in rocks and petals in flowers, to spiral forms in seashells, golden ratio seems to be everywhere. Not surprisingly, human perception of beauty is also based on it. Those who are considered beautiful have it in abundance. The length of their nose, position of their eyes and the length of their chin all conform to the golden ratio. The notion is so universal, it even defies racial boundaries.

Scientists believe proportional bodies reflect human health. A correlation between hourglass figure and woman’s reproductive ability has been known, but recently Belgian gynaecologist added another piece to the puzzle. While studying the uterus of women he discovered, the most fertile ones have uterus with golden ratio proportions. It became even more intriguing when the data showed, the ratio changes through the course of female’s life. It starts at about 2,000 at birth and slowly decreases through life to 1,460 in old age. The uterus achieves the golden ratio, when women are at their most fertile age. But it does not stop there, studies show that neonatal nurses tend to devote more attention to more attractive, healthy infants. No wonder the golden number 1.618 is so intriguing.


From → Hic Salta

  1. This was so interesting to read. Thank you!


  2. A lot of it has to do with what is within us; the women I’m most attracted to are ones that are completely open–on all levels;)


    • When we turn from universal to personal perception of beauty, it is always in the eye of the beholder.


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