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What the future holds?

August 24, 2012

A century ago artists envisioned how France will look like in 2000. A number of futuristic pictures were created for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Originally enclosed to cigarette boxes as paper cards, they were later reprinted as postcards. Could we do a better job today for 2100?


From → Zeitgeist

  1. im happy that 200n looked far better than this; i wonder what the future holds…holographic tv? realistic virtual reality….or even contact with ET>.. one could dream on and on…


    • and on.. and on… teleportation would be nice, but perhaps this is too far fetched…


      • hmm..teleportation may seem to work..but it necessarily means killing oneslf, and creating another conscious being with your body at another location.. ..though, uploading one’s consciousness to a computer for ‘preserving’ it would be awesome..and little scary..


      • yes…we would have to find a way to reset our consciousness into default settings in case something goes wrong during teleportation…and what about all viruses that might have attacked our mind data… we still have lots to work on, but maybe we are onto something …


      • or some way to preserve consciousness. but first science has to fully understand what consciousness really is… what makes me, me and you, you.?! if my brain is put into another persons body, will i be me..or i be deleted?


  2. The best message: beware of straight line thinking (notice the woman depicted wearing the same clothes in 2000 that women wore in 1900). I once read a story about a demogropher contracted by the government of London, circa 1860, to project the city’s future needs. He warned that the rate of then present growth could not be sustained, because if it was, the city would be several meters deep in horse manure by 1940!


    • The fashion phenomenon did not go unnoticed. I believe imagination and thinking outside the box is the key ingredient for a brighter future. Arthur C. Clarke once wrote: To predict the future we need logic, but we also need faith and imagination, which can sometimes defy logic itself.


      • A good example of that is the very computer technology that enables these blogs. Forty years ago, it would have been quite feasible to predict our current level of computer technology using the logic of Moore’s law. But who had the imagination to predict MP3 players, smart phones, Facebook, eBay, or for that matter, The greatest wildcard is not figuring out which technologies we will have, but how they will change society.


      • It seems we are forever chasing our time.


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