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Lip tip

August 3, 2012

During recessions women are spending more on make-up. Evolutionary biology thinks it has an answer. It is all about gaining advancement against competitors in battle for the best provider.

From ancient times females used different ways to appear more attractive. The Greeks used white lead to give themselves pale complexions with rouge to enhance lips and Cleopatra allegedly wore special lip-stain made from crushed beetles. The history of make-up revolves around inventing the colour to seduce and lips were always considered as more appropriate sexual symbol than breasts or bottom.

Scientists would say women wear red lipstick to attract gazes. However, those who use red lipstick daily say, they feel like it is their armour. One way or another, whether you are trying to feel protected or after more male gazes, do not be afraid to put dramatic red on. Just choose the right shade for you.


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