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Evita on the note

July 27, 2012

During her life Eva Duarte Perón was loved or hated and still today she evokes passionate arguments about her role in history. 60 years after her death, Evita is going to be celebrated on a banknote. On Wednesday current Presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, that often invokes Eva Perón memory in speeches, unveiled a commemorative 100 peso bank note bearing the image of the famous first lady. The bill is based on the design of a 5 peso note that was planned to be issued at the height of Evita’s popularity, but went missing during the coup that toppled her late husband.

Eva Perón was born illegitimate, raised poor and was barely educated. Still, with so many odds against her, she became a famous actress and married General Juan Perón. She is adored by many in South America for securing labour benefits for the working class and founding hospitals and orphanages. When her husband won his first presidential election in 1946, the new first lady did something unheard of. During his inaugural speech, she took the microphone and said “A woman cannot only be a spectator of political movements. She must take action; she must vote”. Five years later the couple succeeded to persuade the Congress to give women the right to vote. In 1952 elections, year when Eva Perón died, 23 deputies and 6 female senators joined the Argentinean Congress.


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