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Who wants to live forever

June 26, 2012

In ancient times only a few wealthy or powerful individuals lived to a very old age. Today the chances of an ordinary person to become centenarian are rising every year. For a long time scientists are trying to find a secret of longevity. Is it genetic, good habits, plain luck or a blend of all.

Men and women who are 100 or older usually do have good genes. But we should not underestimate the impact of our lifestyles. Non smokers with the good eating and exercise habits have a 14 year life expectancy edge over the people with unhealthy habits.

Smoking subtracts an average of 10 years from your life, but if you quit by the age of 50, you gain 6 of those years back. Diets high in fruits and vegetables are associated with longer life in numerous studies. Regular exercisers generally live five to seven years longer than inactive people. Some researchers even stress out the importance of social connections and spiritual activity as some of the keys to successful aging.

There you have it. Should you decide to increase your chances of becoming a centenarian, it is very important to choose your parents well, be careful what you eat, do not forget to drink a bit of vino, exercise, mingle and keep cool.


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