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Allowance dividing Germany

June 17, 2012

Is the most powerful woman in the world really betraying feminism? Who thought an innocent law, providing allowance of €150 per month to German mothers staying at home with their young children, would cause so much controversy. With austerity being the buzz word in Europe these days, one would assume the debate is evolving around lack of funds. But in the country that seems to defy current economic downturn, money is not the focal issue.

Angela Merkel, who is seeking re-election this year and proposed the law, was fiercely attacked by the center-left opposition. They reproached the chancellor promotion of the outdated notion of women’s role in society. Then the feminists joined already heated discussion. Now even some within Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union oppose the law. But the controversy did not stay within Germany. To top it all up, OECD warned such a childcare allowance would be counterproductive. The economic think-thank is expressing concern the law would obstruct integration of immigrant mothers.

No wonder that Angela Merkel before the parliamentary meeting reportedly joked, she was visiting “the vestibule of hell.”


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