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Virus called love

May 14, 2012

Humans are among fraction of mammals that live monogamously. Scientists argue there is an evolutionary advantage behind it. Our babies are so helpless at birth they need caring parents to survive. Evolutionary incentive is not enough for couples to stay together, and here is when love steps in.

It is believed, when females and males fall in love, there are cosmic forces at work. But since scientists are never satisfied with mystic explanations, they have been searching for many years now, to find mechanism for love. They discovered, when in love, the brains release a chemical called vasopressin. It does a lot of things all over the body, like regulating blood pressure, but also producing a sense of reward in our brain. How much of reward one gets however, depends of mutations.

Up until now it was believed the radiation and chemicals are changing our genes. Surprisingly, studies show it may have been viruses to blame for mutations as well. Some even suggest virus infection during evolution made all the difference between more and less monogamous individuals. Therefore, maybe in future there will be viruses available, to provide proper reward for all men to stick around.


From → Hic Salta

  1. Hmmm first time I disagree with you. i don’t know many humans (of nowadays day & age, under let’s say 50), that live monogamously. When they’re honest.


    • Even when you disagree with me, your comment is welcomed and highly appreciated 😉

      I would say human behaviour is much more complex to be explained solely by chemical mechanisms. What I found amusing is that viruses are also part of our behavioural evolutionary process and not just a menace making us cough and sneeze.


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