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The Math Myth

April 16, 2012

Females are not good at math, as the absence of women from the history of mathematics clearly show. Even nowadays, when adults are asked about gender specifics, majority refer emotional more to women and rational more to men. And math is a serious business.

Recent data however are challenging the stereotype. Among math graduates in America around 40% are women, proving they do like mathematics. Testing of primary school children worldwide still show better overall results for boys, but the gap is closing by year. Analysis of test results has demonstrated that girls from countries where gender equality is more prevalent perform better. It seems better success of boys lays in their perception of math, which is different than that of girls. Boys are still significantly more confident in their math abilities and think it is more important for their careers.

That poses a crucial question. Would girls perform at the same level as boys, when given the right educational tools? Many believe visible female role models excelling in mathematics, as well as in science and technology, would help to break the Math Myth.


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