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Good old vintage times

April 5, 2012

Everything is vintage these days, from dresses to make up and more. Clothes from the period between 1920 and 1960 are considered vintage. But current enthusiasm is putting an emphasis on the last few decades of the vintage era. Why is it so?

During that time the world was recovering from the war. Reconstruction was in unison with the baby boomer crowd. Technology originally developed for warfare, found its way into newly build suburbia. From television to streamline, everything was designed to make a daily life easier and more fun. Wrinkle resistant and glossy synthetic fibres revolutionised fashion, not to forget the nylon stockings that helped to win the war. It was also the time of many surprises, from the launch of Sputnik to Rock’n’roll and Andy Warhol.

But most importantly, it was the time of rare utopia, where interest rates, unemployment and inflation were all low. Real wages and productivity were going up by year. The economy had the best peace time growth of the century. As it looks, those are the real good old vintage times that we are desperately trying to bring back.


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