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Why not me?

April 3, 2012

All women need to feel beautiful. While selling fax machines door to door in humid Florida, Sara Blakely was more than aware of that. Trying to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time, she was searching all over for pantyhose with seamed toes that did not roll up the leg when she cut them.

Sara took that inconvenience and turned it into a business opportunity, which made her a fortune. She decided to invest her lifesavings of $5,000 in researching footless pantyhose. But this was only the beginning. Lacking funds forced her to do it all by herself. She took a book on marketing and designed her own logo on a friend’s computer. To save on high legal fees needed to trademark, Sara used a textbook and learned how to do it. This is how the Spanx was born. In 2000 she launched the brand from her home and finally reached the costumers.

Today, her business is valued at more than one billion dollars. Last month Forbes named Sara the world’s youngest self made female billionaire. But her story is not unique. In recent years the rate of new business formed by women has significantly outpaced men across all ethnic groups in the United States, with similar trends found across the world. Sara Blakely was just one among millions of women around the globe, who dare to ask: Why not me?


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  1. I love this article! A because it talks about the need and motivation for Sara Blakely to develop her product, but also of the drive & motivation to see it through! I’d heard of Spanx of course, but never knew of the origins! Thank you for this inspiring story!


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