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One size does not fit all

March 20, 2012

Women weigh less than men, have more body fat and thus respond differently to medications. In some cases it can be mitigated by proper dosage adjustments however there are treatments where gender plays crucial role.

Females experience dramatic hormonal changes, which influence response to a medication. Different effects on women and men are commonly observed in painkillers and antidepressants. In some cases they even show opposite results. Moreover, out of ten prescription drugs removed from the American market in the last 15 years, eight caused more adverse affects in women than men. Among them was higher incidence of drug induced liver damage, gastrointestinal reactions and allergic responses.

The American authorities (FDA) have already recognised gender as a serious risk factor. They required from drug companies to test all new medications for gender specific effects as well as side effects. To ensure safe use of medicine for all, we hope such information will appear also on instructions and precautions sheet.


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