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Thinking about food

March 6, 2012

Thinking about food makes us want it less, researchers say. Maybe all the celebrity chefs, from Gordon Ramsay to Jamie Oliver, are just helping us to lose some weight, while teaching us how to prepare home cooked meals. But why so much emphasis is put on eating healthy?

The first rule we were taught was to buy organic, free of pesticides and antibiotics that might be killing us. It sounds like a good idea, who wants to be poisoned at the table. But then we discovered big organic companies are transporting its green produce around the globe. Oh no, that is not good either, we can just see all that Middle Eastern oil hammering the environment, while shipping our healthy produce. We do not want that either. So local became the new organic and seasonal is a must these days.

Having said that, one would assume we all are working the land and spending more and more time in our kitchens, preparing fresh, seasonal food. The statistics differ. During the 80’ it took one hour to prepare the average meal, now it is down to 20 minutes. Despite the media attempts, we are increasingly looking at the price tags and buying the cheapest off the supermarket shelves.


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