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Antibiotics cure you and make you fat

December 21, 2011

For decades antibiotics have been used on farmed animals to stimulate growth without increasing calorie intake. The continuing debate over the benefits and risks of this conduct has now heated with recent research linking antibiotics to obesity in humans.

Not only had the overuse of antibiotics led to creation of superbugs, resistant to existing medications. New studies suggest the antibiotics are permanently altering the microbial flora of the human body, which may contribute to the plagues of modern world. Not only obesity but also allergies and asthma may be caused by excessive use of antibiotics.

While nutritionists are advising to limit consumption or start using antibiotic-free meat, medical experts are becoming more vocal about over-prescribing of antibiotics in humans. Since invented, antibiotics have saved millions of lives, perhaps now it is time to reinvent their use.


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