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Fast food with style

December 18, 2011

Increasingly popular Japanese dish called sushi has little resemblance to the traditional lacto-fermented rice dish, which was invented in Southeast Asia centuries ago. It originally consisted of fermented fish, immersed in rice. Only the strong-tasting and smelling fish was consumed, the rice was discarded altogether.

The dish in its contemporary form was created in the early 19th century, when Japan was still ruled by shoguns. The reinvented sushi represents an early form of fast food. It was not fermented and thus could be served quickly. Consequently, sushi became street food, to be eaten with bare hands.

Spread of sushi around the world has resulted in variations typically found in the West, but unknown in Japan. Regardless of the different fillings and toppings, condiments, and their preparation, the common ingredient stays sushi rice. Sushi is a healthy way to treat yourself, as long as you avoid big fish with higher concentration of mercury.


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