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Something big at Wall Street

October 8, 2011

It seems something big is gaining momentum in New York. It may well have happened anywhere in the world, but it started in America again. Less than a decade ago, social media created a platform for reinvention of democracy, as it once was. “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers” said Aristotle, and the Wall Street protestors are aware of that.

Over the last decades demonstrations took place when people of similar specific interest gathered and advocated a common goal. If successful, the media pick it up and gave it to the left or right politicians, to use it for their own convenience. This time it is different. People from various backgrounds, as well as political affiliations, are protesting in New York and across the World together, saying: We are the 99% and we are getting poorer by day. This is not fair!

The first three weeks passed by with mainstream media ignoring them. Than out of the blue, the president himself acknowledged the protesters are expressing what “American people feel”. Than a landslide happened, Ben Bernanke, the rich people executive, sympathized with the protesters and even one of the wealthiest persons in the world, the one who disowned his own granddaughter Nicole, for denouncing The One Percent said “the feeling is real”. Something big is sprouting at Wall Street and it is real.


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