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Slovenia in balance

September 21, 2011

The Statistical Office has issued the annual report on Slovenian living standards in 2010. Balanced decision making has been proven in the households while purchasing of washing  machines, stows and other home appliances.

However, less balance has been detected during leisure time. Men spent on average 27 hours per week for their free time, where women score 6 hours less. The main cause of discrepancy  might have been child care and housework. Women spent 24 hours weekly on these tasks, whereas men are involved only for 11 hours.

The gender gap has been surprisingly discovered also while observing the spending habits. For clothes, personal care products, cigarettes and alcohol, in 2010 men in Slovenia spent €116 on average and women considerably less, with merely €95 per month.

The above findings have convinced the Feminet to propose working women to leave childcare and household to men for a moment and enjoy in the following dessert.

Ritratti: Scarlett J body suit, made from elastic tulle with little inlays by shiny satin which  provide touches of light for pure pleasure.


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