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Argh! To the sea, girls!

September 21, 2011

Pirate has always been considered as a man’s job. Was it really? Historical records show, there were also women adventurers, who found themselves on the other side of the law and went to the sea.

On the ships marked with the scull and the crossed bones, they gained equal treatment with their male counterparts. Piratesses were mostly disguised in men’s clothes when they went looting and that may be the main reason why pirates today are considered exclusively a male gang.

The main attribute most commonly described with female pirates is fierce courage. These women took what they wanted and they presumably never said: Sorry! It is a shame that out of 15 Pirate Party delegates, who will take seats in the next Berlin’s city-state parliament, there is a single piratess. Argh! To the sea, girls!


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