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Partial surrender

April 1, 2011

Leaders of the top public companies met on Wednesday in Berlin to discuss surrender of power, albeit partial.

For months there has been a discussion going on in Germany on mandatory gender quotas. In top 30 public companies listed on German DAX index, solely 2 per cent directors are women. The leaders decided to take matters into their own hands, before the politicians do. Managers decided to set targets to promote women in top jobs.

The decision was applauded by big business representatives and part of the ruling coalition, headed by Kristina Schröder, the German minister of family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, who strongly object enactment of quotas.  However, her predecessor and current labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen, together with women’s organisations still see the need for the law enforced 30 per cent gender quotas for the publicly traded companies’ boards.

Von der Leyen stated “I’m not seeing concrete statements, figures, strategies, timetables…We are at the start of a process — it has to have a target and an end.”

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