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We can do it!

February 7, 2011

The data is self-explanatory: of 500 top managers in the biggest German companies, merely 11 are women. Educational statistics shows a different picture. In the developed world, more women than men hold a university degrees.

Ten years ago, when German Family Minister planned a gender equality law, industry representatives quickly entered into a “voluntary agreement” with the government. The stated goal was to achieve improvement in opportunities for women. Nothing happened.

Norway has enacted 40 percent quotas for women in management board members in public companies in 2003, recently followed by France and Spain. Similar act is currently discussed in the Netherlands. Women quota debate has been reopened in Germany.

Numerous studies show diversity makes good business sense. Combined approaches of men and women in decision-making create the most effective teams, better resilient to economic crisis too. It seems this has been already recognized by some European countries. Slovenes are often looking up to the Germans. This time we have a chance to get ahead.

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  1. seb permalink

    10 years after the “parity law” – which obliges political party to present equal number of men and women candidates for poll – has been adopted in France, the female deputees at french parliament number 107 (out of 577 seats). In spite of financial penalties the political parties have to pay.
    It looks like quotas’ policy is choking… while women absence is not.
    Functionnality of sex and old stereotypes are strong stuff. Who needs to sweep them ? Men or women ?


    • There are quotas for political representatives enacted in Slovenia too. Last year, when local elections took place, the goal was 30%. At the end, out of 770 mayoral candidates, only 10 female mayors were elected. We will see what happens at the parliamentary elections next year.
      I think you can’t be more right implying women are responsible as much as men to feed the stereotypes…


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