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Have guts?


Researchers recently revealed, compared with our ancestors, we have only half the microbes in our guts. Do intestine flora really matter? Some scientists believe so, pointing out a number of illnesses that intestinal microbes might prevent.

Indigenous populations residing in the last remote places of our planet may provide an answer.  From diabetes and obesity, to allergies and autoimmune reactions, a whole set of medical conditions pestering modern humans is unknown to them. Perhaps not only the diet of hunter-gatherers, but also the good bacterial in their guts make them healthy. While industrial agriculture has eradicated famine and antibiotics have proved to be the most successful tool of modern medicine, both also contributed to depletion of bacteria in the intestines, just the ones that help our bodies fight inner and outer intruders.

Do such microflora really make a difference, remains to be answered. The pharmaceutical companies, however, are already dreaming of a magic pill that might enrich our guts and make us slim, healthy and happy.


Emoji in the office


Returning from vacation, one might think it is a good idea to cheer up the office atmosphere by sending emojis around. If you are tempted to do just that, better listen at the researchers from Israel and Holland.

In the first such analysis they have tested over 500 participants from 29 countries, just to find out smileys do not induce friendliness, but rather decrease perceptions of competence. After being required to read work-related emails from a stranger and subsequently evaluate their warmth and professional ability, it turned out those with smiley emojis did not came through as more friendly, smiley faces even made them look more incompetent. Moreover, the study discovered there is a glimmer of sexism in emoji usage, when no gender of the email sender was disclosed, the recipients were more likely to presume a smiley icon was sent by a woman.


Reaching for the West


Long gone are the times when flying was considered a luxurious event. Now, the Chinese Airline is trying to bring back some of the good old time charm and glamour on board.

The uniforms designed by Laurence Xu  are a fusion of traditional Chinese symbols and modern western patterns. Presented at the Paris Couture Week, the Chinese are reaching for the West.

Dress to beat stress


Bright hues and light fabrics. Can a simple trick of wearing fun clothes really influence our mood and make us happy.

It is called a dopamine dressing. We all know that thinking happy thoughts and being a positive cure illness and lift the mood, so the same principle might be applied also on what we put on in the morning. The fashion industry is certainly betting on it. So, if we believe online dating sites, the colour of our clothes can bring or deter suitors. Even the science gives us some clues. The study when people were rating how attractive persons of different colour of t-shirt were, showed those in red were perceived as the most attractive ones. The researchers believe the reason behind is, people dressed in red felt more attractive and were radiating that feeling to others.

Whatever the reason, when we want to stand out, feel more attractive or make people like us more, we should think about bringing warm colours for the rescue. Luckily for us, yellow, orange and red hues are in.

The No-trend Trend


This year fashionistas recommend choosing between high waists, crop tops, ruffles, one-piece swimsuit, laces, floral or animal prints, neon colours, all shades of nudes and yellow, string bikinis, one shoulder, side cuts, sheer, tassels and the list goes on and on. Luckily for us, the no-trend trend makes us fashionable in anything we like.

Aviators’ comeback


When plastic rims feel too chunky and a size too big, it’s time for a change. On the hunt for new trends, opticians know well, the style to come next will be all about lightness.

The cyclical nature of fashion, however, directs a comeback of old classics. Fashion aficionados may check their back drawers, maybe they will find a pearl in there – the distinctive top bridge linking two eye rims together. As the bulky, discomforting plastic is veining away, the pilot’s accessory comes in. The original Ray-Ban aviators were commissioned by the U.S. military during 1930s, when trying to find the perfect flight goggles, that would last. The sunglasses proved to be indestructible, so if they had not ended in the bin, when going out of fashion, they should still be lingering somewhere in the attic.

Yet,  Ray-Ban remains a fascinating mix of military and pop-culture, like the trench coats, boots or leather jackets. They are like boomerangs, going away, but always coming back.

Hollywood Walk of Shame


She appeared in the comics during the WWII, became 1970s TV sensation and was briefly named a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls last year. All of Wonder Woman’s previous achievements are going to be topped up this weekend.

Wonder Woman is coming in cinemas today. A brainchild of the inventors of the polygraph, who realised all superheroes were men and wanted to tell the girls they are powerful too, is going to break yet another invisible barrier. The producers decided this time the story of the fierce Amazonian will be told by a woman. Moreover, Patty Jenkins already got good reviews from critics and the movie is receiving predictions to be a complete success. If Wonder Woman turns out to be a blockbuster, this could be good news for all the other female directors that are pounding on the glass ceiling. Despite all the touching gender words coming from the mouths of Oscar winners, the numbers are dire. In the last decade only 4% of directors across 1,000 top movies were female. There is a clear discrimination going on in the film studios and maybe successful female director telling a story of a warrior princess can change that.

So, the famous boulevard would no longer deserve to be named Hollywood Walk of Shame.

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